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Shared service center is often abbreviated as SSC division sharing affairs, limited to the company’s resources. Gai Wen this matter is in line with other companies, so it is not common to people who generally have to pay extra costs

This is a mandatory thing, and the company wants to optimize the company. As for the government’s use of state-owned enterprises, it is not the basis of labor.

Mortals are also to everyone, or when they are accustomed to it, they must know, and saving money is not easy to know.

The shared service center is also a little bit of a story

It is falsely claimed that working with SSC can improve the optimization of the company, so it is necessary to know more about SSC. For many reasons, especially for companies.  If Sebab can be applied to the company, it will benefit the company and optimize it

In short, the shared service center is also divided into grammar restrictions. With these two, the goal must be achieved with the least possible effort. With its lack of money and other support, SSC can also be made

Using these two, there is really the only one that can greatly damage the company’s operating domain fee, and can emphasize the reliability of the company. With its organizer agent must be supervised by the leadership also.

Therefore, it can be argued that the agent of the SSC company is also, so it is divided into the use, so the entity of the company is also.

Use the great benefits of the service center also

Although it is profitable, it is also practical to act. Examples include state-owned companies such as Telkom GroupPT Pertamina, one of Indonesia’s biggest competitors to the Shared Service Center. However, the benefits of sharing are also known

With the benefits of sharing, one to lose the inevitable technique, with its cost-effective and then optimize the company’s performance. Therefore, the use of this service will definitely improve the company’s business operation and governance. Therefore, the company does not need to invest in equipment

If the company has become a shared use, the reliability of the company must also add value. For the benefit of the company, Gai ultimately focuses on optimizing customer satisfaction.

A good can be a solution. By working together, it turns out that the number of intersections can be done.

A simplified example of a shared service center

Or so far, the generation is not sure what SSC is. Naturally, those who understand this term are in the field of companies, especially in companies. In order to know this, it must be a true thing.

I will say one word, and now I can do both. One is like the post office company, which has done the things of sharing. The company uses it to develop human resources, accounting, and property functions.

If you use this first, the post office will use its work. Examples: Finance department, human resources department, etc. However, since this name, the post office no longer needs this cao, and the cover can be scattered anywhere, and the post office branches are also opened with the same business.

Therefore, the post office no longer needs this, so that the company can reduce operating costs and lose the number of employees. Employees in addition to their duties, such as payment power to save money. Therefore, the company can do not have much cost as the most.

The barrier of the shared service center is to the company

Although it is well known that it can be optimized for the benefit of enterprises, it is impossible to set up a shared service center because of the challenges of many enterprises.

If a company wants to do this, one of its biggest obstacles will be easy to reorganize. The company must be able to manage its human resources, how to get what it wants.

It is the success of the company to use Shiyiguan company, and the company must be able to open the infrastructure. The winning solution was passed on in meetings with senior management to make a difference.

It can be argued that the reason why these generations are focused on business and maximize operational solutions is also one. Therefore, both can make the company effective with as few cost optimization companies as possible

Where the benefits are far away, the company has a plan to optimize the company’s affairs to determine the benefits. The company shares in the company, in order to honor the company’s body. This is why the service center is also done


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