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Hello Sobat Bisnis, have you heard of Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri? This is a program provided by Bank Mandiri specifically for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who are looking to grow their business. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri, including its benefits, requirements, and how to apply. Let’s get started!

What is Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri?

Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri is a program provided by Bank Mandiri that aims to help SMEs grow their business. This program provides various solutions and benefits for SMEs, such as access to capital, business consulting, and digital services. The goal of Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri is to help SMEs reach their full potential and contribute to the growth of the Indonesian economy.

There are several benefits that SMEs can get from Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri. These include:

Benefits of Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri
Access to capital through Bank Mandiri’s loan products
Business consulting and advisory services to help SMEs improve their business performance
Access to digital services such as online banking, e-commerce, and payment systems
Networking opportunities with other SMEs and potential business partners

Requirements for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri

Now, let’s talk about the requirements for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri. To be eligible for this program, your business must meet several requirements:

  1. Your business must be registered and have a valid business license
  2. Your business must have been operating for at least 2 years
  3. Your business must have a minimum turnover of IDR 1 billion per year
  4. You must have a good credit record and financial performance

If your business meets these requirements, you can apply for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri and enjoy its benefits.

How to Apply for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri

So, how can you apply for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri? Here are the steps:

  1. Visit the nearest Bank Mandiri branch and bring all the necessary documents, such as your business license, financial statements, and credit record
  2. Meet with the Bank Mandiri representative and discuss your business needs and goals
  3. Submit your loan application and wait for the bank’s approval
  4. If your loan application is approved, you can start enjoying the benefits of Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri

It’s that simple! By joining Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri, you can take your business to the next level and achieve your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What types of loan products are available through Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri?

Bank Mandiri offers various loan products for SMEs, such as working capital loans, investment loans, and trade finance loans. You can choose the loan products that suit your business needs and goals.

2. How long does it take to get approval for a loan application?

The approval process may vary depending on your business situation, but generally it takes around 2-3 weeks for the bank to process your loan application. You will be notified by the bank once your application is approved or rejected.

3. Can I get business consulting services through Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri?

Yes, you can. Bank Mandiri provides business consulting and advisory services for SMEs to help them improve their business performance. You can consult with the bank’s representatives about your business strategy, operation, and other related topics.

4. Is there any fee or charge for joining Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri?

There is no fee or charge for joining Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri. However, you may need to pay for certain services or products that you use, such as loan interest, banking fees, or digital services.

5. Can I join Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri if my business is not a SME?

No, Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri is specifically designed for SMEs. If your business is not a SME, you may want to consider other programs or services provided by Bank Mandiri that are more suitable for your business needs.


In conclusion, Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri is a great program for SMEs who are looking to grow their business. By joining this program, you can access various solutions and benefits that can help you achieve your business goals. Make sure to check the requirements and apply for Mandiri Bisnis Mandiri at Bank Mandiri branch near you. Thank you for reading, Sobat Bisnis!

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