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West Java BPS tasks in managing population data


Do you know about the population census conducted by BPS West Java?   Some people may have heard of this term, but not many fully understand what it means. Registration is a data collection process counting all population units from every region of Indonesia.

Registration activities are usually carried out for specific purposes. For example, given what the level of population development is like in terms of income, employment and the number of family members. These population censuses are conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics in their respective regions using census officers to visit residents’ homes.

In the 2020 census, data recording activities were conducted online, with residents entering the official BPS registration page to fill out the data. Most people follow this way of filling out digital registration, while for the rest, the offline number is done.

This calculation or loss of soul is the main task of BPS. After the registration process is completed, a number of populations whose data can be used for the electoral process, tax collection or definition of state economic policies will be used. Calculations are usually performed over a period of 10 years.

BPS is a government agency without a department with a direct account of the president who is regulated how he works and his main duties with Law No. 16, 1997. You want to know and know more about this national census body? Let’s see the following explanation.

What are BPS West Java’s duties?

The Central Bureau of Statistics has the main task of numbers and other governments of statistical midwives regulated by law. In carrying out his duties, several steps are taken, ranging from filling, distributing, to reporting data to the president and then to the public.

Data from the statistical centre is open and public, you can access information services regarding national statistical data through the official website or Application BPS West Java.   For full  information,  download it to the official website. In addition to the main tasks of the above, there are statistical body functions, respectively:

  1. He conducts studies, prepares plans and formulates policies in the field of regional and national statistics.
  2. Coordinate mental eumeration activities on a regional and national scale.
  3. Put in place a national statistical system.
  4. Provide manpower and ease to perform the duty of slavery of the soul.
  5. Keep guidelines for related agencies in accordance with their field of work in statistical activities.
  6. Gather data and process it in information useful to the government and the people.
  7. Publication of census results, in the form of reporting to the President and official announcements to the public through BPS of each region

In its development, BPS’s tasks and functions are closely related to the development of information technology. Personal computers are generally used to replace manual recording so that registration became easier and faster to do. Internet use also helps transfer data from region to centre.

Information received in BPS

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BPS West Java collects and manages information from communities in the West Java region. The information gathered everything about the population, ranging from age, marital status, number of children and dependents. Here’s the basic information on the record.

In addition, information on employment, education, income and various economic issues will also be collected so that data can be used by the government to form people’s economic policies. The results of this data are in the form of population development scale, poverty situation, unemployment rate and other various information.

If you need this information, you can search it directly at your local BPS office or use the online channel. If you choose to go directly to BPS West Java, you can go directly to the recipient and fill out the friends book. Then look for the necessary data.

Furthermore, Operator Digilib will help you print the necessary libraries. In addition, you can also submit a request for a soft copy by filling out the application form. This direct sultanation service can be accessed during working hours from Monday to Friday. It’ll be easier and faster if you tie a cover letter.

For example, the data needed for research is in school or as the thesis data, so you need to search school or campus to provide a cover letter. The existence of a covered letter will accelerate the provision of data from BPS.

If you are unable to enter the office directly, you can enter at the time of publication on the official BPS website. On this page you will find the information of population statistics and you can select until the year of publication. At the end of the publishing title is a downloadable button.

Data processing made by BPS West Java

The data processing step is an important step in determining the high level of accuracy and integrity of the data generated. When it was still the Central Bureau of Statistics, data processing was done manually using a calculator and an abacus as a computational tool.

The entry and processing of data has now used modern methods, namely the use of computers. To be precise, since 1960, the policy of computer use has begun to be maintained. However, at that time, the data entry was still manual and then entered into a computer.

Currently, the entire census has tried to be used directly using computer equipment. Therefore, in the 2020 population census, people were asked to complete online registration, via the West Java BPS website and application.   Did you participate in the 2020 census?

Data processing using computers is being adapted to develop information technology in Indonesia. Data processing is becoming faster and more efficient. In addition, it speeds up the transfer of data from regions to the centre so that census results can be taken in a shorter time.

Manfaat Census Information gan BPS

Population slavery occurs at a time that cannot be said to be short. Although you have used a computer system, it still takes time to collect data on indonesia’s entire population, which is not small in number. After collecting all the information, it can then be processed into statistical data useful to the government.

What are the benefits of this data? There are three types of data presented by population census results, namely population social data, trade economy, and mining agriculture. All statistical results of BPS West Java  can be used to  make different policies to improve people’s well-being, for example:

  1. Build public facilities by regulating the number of residential populations in an area.
  2. Build educational facilities to support the younger generation to receive a decent education.
  3. The addition of health facilities, especially in areas with people who receive very few health services.
  4. Opening jobs and training the creative industry to increase people’s incomes.
  5. Give targeted support to the poor.
  6. Venture coach and coach.
  7. Develop forestry, fishing, plantations and agriculture by modifying the distribution area.
  8. Support for farmers of food cultures and horticultures that are consistent with their designation and objective.

Therefore, not only for electoral needs, population registration is carried out, but there are various other functions that are important for economic development, education, and public health. Therefore, it is hoped that all levels of society will help organise the population census.

Statistics agencies have real functions and tasks in managing regional and national population data. Various important tasks held by the provincial BPS level become very important in the data collection process. By filling out the BPS West Java registration form, you have helped the government understand a prosperous Indonesia.