Hello Sobat Bisnis! A Comprehensive Guide to Halo KlikBCA Bisnis


As a business owner, managing finances can be time-consuming and challenging. Fortunately, Halo KlikBCA Bisnis provides a solution for business banking needs. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about Halo KlikBCA Bisnis, from its benefits to how to register.

What is Halo KlikBCA Bisnis?

Halo KlikBCA Bisnis is a digital banking service provided by Bank Central Asia (BCA) for business owners. It offers convenience in managing business finances, from transferring funds to checking account balances, all in one platform. With Halo KlikBCA Bisnis, business owners can have more time to focus on growing their business instead of managing banking errands.

Benefits of Halo KlikBCA Bisnis

Here are some advantages of using Halo KlikBCA Bisnis:

Benefits Description
Accessibility Halo KlikBCA Bisnis can be accessed anywhere and anytime through the website or mobile application.
Multiple Accounts Business owners can manage multiple accounts under one platform, such as savings accounts and current accounts.
Transaction History Business owners can view transaction history for up to 6 months in one platform.
Online Payment Halo KlikBCA Bisnis offers an online payment feature for paying supplier invoices or employee salaries.

With these benefits, Halo KlikBCA Bisnis can help simplify and streamline business banking tasks.

How to Register for Halo KlikBCA Bisnis?

To register for Halo KlikBCA Bisnis, follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare Documents

Prepare the following documents:

  • Company Deed (Akta Pendirian Perusahaan) and its amendments, if any
  • Company Tax ID (NPWP)
  • Owner’s Tax ID (NPWP)
  • Owner’s ID Card (KTP)
  • Bank Account Statement

Step 2: Visit BCA Branch Office

Visit the nearest BCA branch office and bring the documents. The bank officer will assist with the registration process.

Step 3: Activate Halo KlikBCA Bisnis

After the registration is completed, the business owner will receive an activation code. Use the code to activate Halo KlikBCA Bisnis through the website or mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between Halo BCA and Halo KlikBCA Bisnis?

Halo BCA is a digital banking service for personal banking needs, while Halo KlikBCA Bisnis is designed specifically for business owners.

Can I transfer funds to other banks using Halo KlikBCA Bisnis?

Yes, you can transfer funds to other domestic banks using Halo KlikBCA Bisnis.

Is Halo KlikBCA Bisnis safe?

Yes, Halo KlikBCA Bisnis is secured with advanced encryption technology and two-factor authentication.

Can I access Halo KlikBCA Bisnis using a mobile application?

Yes, you can access Halo KlikBCA Bisnis through a mobile application available for Android and iOS.

Are there any fees for using Halo KlikBCA Bisnis?

Yes, there are fees for transactions or services, such as interbank transfers and online payment, according to BCA’s tariff policy. However, the registration process and account management are free of charge.


Halo KlikBCA Bisnis is a powerful tool for business owners to manage their finances conveniently and efficiently. With its benefits and accessibility, business owners can focus more on growing their business. Register for Halo KlikBCA Bisnis today and experience the convenience of digital banking.

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